~ Prologue ~


1 And on the afternoon of the eighth day, God checked back to see what had occurred.

2 Upon looking down, God saw that man had created Road in man’s own image.

3 And the Road was good!

4 And on the Road arose one-point-two Autos for every driver.

5 The Road, along with the Autos, gathered together unto one place all that man was:  The light and the darkness of man, the heavens and the earth in man, the creeping things of man that creepeth, and the flying things of man that soareth. And behold, it was very good.

6 Thus the Road and the Autos were completed and all the host of them. Only they had to be constantly re-created, for the Road continued to need widening, and the autos kept breaking down.

7 So man never rested from all his work that he had made.

8 Man traveled the Road for his pride and pleasure, and also his grief.

9 Man learned and grew from the Road, but also grew in dependency upon it.

10 So, on the evening of the eighth day, God, being in experimental muse, made vanish from the earth all the Road that was between places,

. . . to see what man would do.

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