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John Breeden (Journalist, Reporter) Book Review

Great New Sc-Fi Author

I was absolutely spellbound by Road Signs. I think, like a lot of readers, I have a love/hate relationship with most science fiction. I love the concept and the genre, but so much of it is just poorly written junk, and that includes much of the published books sitting on the shelves.

Road Signs is different from the concept to the execution of the story. Author Jay Archer David has somehow combined sci-fi, I know this sounds odd, with literary fiction. The characterization is very well done. And, as the main character explores the magical back roads of the Southwest, he (and us readers) are really exploring the human condition.

There is a great story here, but the book taken as a whole will also make you contemplate life and even reality. Good science fiction does that, which is why Bradbury and Asimov are so well respected. I hope I am not being too forward, but I think Jay Archer David could be as well, if Road Signs is any indication

Anne Grant (author of Heart Of Stone: Sunstone Press) Book Review

Road Signs by Jay Archer David

I'm not sure where Jay Archer David has been hiding. I appreciate his ability to weave a masterfully unique tome in a genre that has become crowded with repetitious themes. This work is intensely personal and passionate.

David does a remarkable job of bringing the stark landscapes of Canyon Lands and the Sonoran Desert to life with brilliant and beautiful description. The characters are intensely real, complete with human hang-ups and shortcomings, and the sometimes painful, sometimes poignant transformation of the hero is woven into the plot with masterful skill.

This is a book about a man's spiritual journey, but it travels so far beyond the themes of The Secret and other "Law of Attraction" books, that I hesitate to even compare. I lay awake half the night after finishing it, mulling the insights it provided about the time and space, life and death, and the bottom line of what we all really want.

I plan to re-read Road Signs several more times, confident I'll uncover new inspiration with each journey along this magical road.

Teresa Kennedy (The Editorial Department) Book Review

Road Signs by Jay Archer David

Yellow signs are suggestions, white signs are rules masquerading as laws, but true laws, eternal laws, can’t be broken…

Novels of the spiritual quest have come a long way in the past few years, but maybe none will take the reader quite as far as Jay Archer David’s ROAD SIGNS.

Subtitled, A Book of Practical Magic, there is indeed a magic in these pages, but it’s by no means a light read. Nevertheless, it’s always provocative, strangely compelling and not easily forgotten.

The story of one man’s adventure into the wilderness, the protagonist, David, claims an un-earned holiday and hits the road.  Part rebellion, part escape, his travels appear to be without purpose. But like any seeker, David is on a quest for meaning.

His attempts to throw off the constraints of an ordinary life will lead him not just to a confrontation with the Self, but with the ultimately spiritual nature of reality as whole. They say there are no accidents, and the author perfectly transposes the beautiful, dispassionate and unforgiving landscape of Sonoran desert as the backdrop for a journey that will take him into his past, to his future and back to the truth of the present he sought so desperately to avoid.

Jay Archer David has written a complex and intriguing novel. His authentic grasp of symbol is sure to resonate as the revelations build and the roads lead always to the same destination. But the author’s grasp of symbol is only part of what makes this novel effective. Even a masterful allegory can fail if those larger truths aren’t somehow brought home. But the author manages to avoid the pitfalls of a great deal of so-called spiritual fiction in that he maintains a deeply compassionate focus on his character.

While David’s journey is intensely personal it is that same compassion, insight and hope for the human condition with both its limitations and limitless potential, that transforms this story of an ordinary life into an extraordinary reading experience.

Review from Amazon

This is a well-crafted, suspenseful, and non-stop journey.

The Sign - `READ ME' jumps right off the pages. This is a story that lifts you out of the chair and puts you directly into the telling of the story.

Road Signs is a modern version of man's ancient quest for wisdom. The road is a metaphor for the spiritual path. We meet David, an adventurous outdoorsman, in peril, high up in a rock chimney, balanced between two cliffs, just as he dislodges a boulder that crushes his arm and stomach. The reader soon discovers that the canyon road which leads David out of the desert and away from his near-fatal climbing accident is not what it appears to be.

Forward and backward, Jay Archer David paints word pictures of dramatic moments in the life of his main character, culminating in an isolated cove on the Baja coast where he is camped during a horrendous hurricane. Along David's road neither time nor space are fixed in reality. Both are transmutable.

The book is a parable. Parables are lessons. To me, one of the best lessons Jay Archer David conveys is the shallowness of certain New Age practices, such as pursuing the laws of attraction for material gain rather than recognizing their spiritual purpose. "Ask and thou shalt receive" is a far cry from placing your creative intent on "Give me prosperity."

Through trauma and grief, David finds the wisdom he seeks. He learns that nothing of value is ever lost, and he ultimately discovers the only value on Earth.

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